Sausage and Chips 

Two Lincolnshire sausages and a small portion triple cooked chips 4.95


Beans on Toast 

A slice of toast with baked beans 2.75


Eggs on Toast

A slice of toast with a choice of scrambled/poached/fried eggs 2.95


Fish Fingers and Chips 

Served with small portion of triple cooked chips and peas 4.95


Ham, Egg and Chips

Slice of ham with an egg and small portion of triple cooked chips 4.95


Two slices of toast

Served with jam, Nutella, honey or marmalade 1.75

Squash 75p


Milk 75p



(99% fat free, low in sugar, no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives, gluten free and suitable for Vegetarians)


Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry 

or Vanilla 2.50  

with cream and sprinkles 2.75

We know sometimes our little foxy cubs can have particular eating habits.

Don't stress the small stuff - just let us know!

We have high chairs, nappy changing and lots of foxy toys!!