Our cakes are made in house - we have gluten free and vegan options every week

Warmed Chocolate Brownie

Served with vanilla ice-cream


Banana Split   

A banana with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, cream and sauces


Knickerbocker Glory   

Vanilla ice cream, fruit and cream 



Our own meringue filled with either:

Fresh strawberries and Cream

Fresh raspberries with our own lemon curd and cream



Freshly cooked to order, tossed in sugar and cinnamon and served with chocolate dipping sauce



Freshly made to order with:

Maple Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream

Toffee Sauce with Bananas and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Chocolate Sauce with Chocolate Ice Cream


All Desserts 5.25

Bubble Waffles

The Hong Kong craze has reached Bourne!

Our waffles are freshly made to order 5.25

Banana Drama

Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana, Toffee Sauce, Cream

Chocolate Dream

Chocolate Ice Cream, Nutella, Malteasers, Chocolate Sauce, Cream


Go Oreos

Vanilla Ice Cream, Nutella, Oreos, Chocolate Sauce, Cream


Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Ice Cream, Fresh Strawberries , Chocolate Sauce, Cream


Lemony Snicket

Lemon Curd Ice Cream, Fresh Raspberries , Raspberry Sauce, Cream

Fruit Scone 1.75 

Served with jam and clotted cream 2.75 


Cheese Scone 1.75


Toasted Teacake or Muffin 1.95

Ice Cream (loads of flavours)  1 Scoop 1.70    2 Scoops 2.50

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